Activities At TATR

Organised by Forest Department


Do you have the Adventure Spirit in You? Come to the Agarzari Adventure Park and try rappelling, zipline, zorbing, Burma bridge and host of other Commando Activities… for a 100% guaranteed Adrenaline Rush!!!


A beautiful lake with its gentle wind, can best be enjoyed on the Boat ride on the Irai backwaters. You can also watch migratory and resident birds. On the longer boat ride, there is a good possibility of sighting wildlife too!!!

Birding Machan

A unique activity of TATR is designed for people who love to watch birds. You may not be a birding expert yet – but you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of sitting in a Camouflaged Tent on a 10 feet high Machan. You will be surprised by the confidence of the birds as they will approach your birding Machan.


Imagine cycling on traffic free roads!!! Not possible in cities anymore!!! But a luxury provided by the TATR forest. Come to enjoy cycling through our Jungles – watching beautiful birds, butterflies and trees. Our guides will open up a new experience of exploring our unspoilt wilderness.

Natural Walk

One of the most exciting activities at TATR – is of being a Detective in our jungle. Our guides will take you on a walking trail – showcasing the signs and smells of animals that may have passed the night before. Search for the Pugmarks of the elusive big cats!!!

Machan Stay

Imagine getting to spend the night on a Machan inside the forest. Earlier, this opportunity was available only on the night of the “Buddh Poornima”. But at Tadoba, you can now experience it anytime!!! This is the best way to listen to the nightly insects, birds and even mammals!!!

Night Safari

Come to Tadoba to explore the forest at night. A Gypsy Safari that will help you search for shining eyes and thus animals in the dark forest. A three hour drive will help you in understanding the night life in a forest. You may even watch the game of prey –predator in action!!!

Loghut Stay

Staying in the basic comforts of a log hut inside the forest has been a dream cherished by many nature lovers. You can now get to live this experience at TATR. The log hut has a clean set-up of a basic room and toilet. After nightfall, you would be able to hear the sounds of the forest and also possibly see wildlife

Butterfly World

A unique open air butterfly garden is now open for tourism. Butterflies are an important part of biodiversity of this region. Specially designed paths, combination of host and food paths, bamboo huts, detailed information boards about every species is available to take you to a different world.