Started by my wife Prabjoth and I, Srikanth Arval, from Hyderabad, Orchids Jungle Camp was born out of our love for the jungle and nature. We always wondered, what better place to get away to when one needs to relax? One trip to Tadoba in 2007, a few beautiful tiger sightings later- we were in love with Tadoba and having a home here became our dream, a dream we worked consistently and relentlessly towards and somewhere along the way we thought why not open this home and our hearts to nature lovers and we decided to name it after our business in Hyderabad- Orchids Florist.  

It has been a very long journey since but here we are today, ready to welcome you into our home and we hope to give you a holiday experience that you will carry with you forever.

Come and experience Tadoba at Orchids Jungle Camp!  

Think of Tadoba, think of us